Julie Nogueira, RYT

I’m a mom to three boys and a wife to one. My consistent yoga practice helps me stay physically strong and, for the most part, mentally calm.

I can still recall the first yoga class I took at the age of 22 as an admittedly cocky dancer and former gymnast who was certain I’d quickly master the practice of yoga. Clearly I had a lot to learn! Not only was the practice far more challenging than I anticipated, I eventually learned that no one — regardless of how flexible, strong and determined they are — ever “masters” yoga. The nature of the practice is, after all, about the journey and not one’s ability to do a perfect split.

After more than a decade of practice, I received my 200-hour teacher training certification through Charm City Yoga. Today I teach vinyasa flow classes to students of all levels in Annapolis, Maryland, at Ruah Yoga and Annapolis Athletic Club. I also lead outdoor Yoga By the Bay classes during the summer months, in addition to destination yoga retreats.

Join me and together we’ll explore how integrating yogic philosophies into everyday life can lead to happier, healthier days on and off the mat.